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Founded in 1999, the philosophy that guides Rafael Adón is grounded in an aesthetic relationship and dialogue between two elements that are ever present in the world around us: function and form. The functions of our everyday living shape, and are shaped by, the way we move and what we do in the world. And it is out of those functions, that particular design forms emerge. We yearn for design that improves and enhances the way we live.


This stance guides Rafael Adón's àteliers Verdura Botanica and Metáforros. Whether imbuing everyday life with natural botanicals in form of luxe soaps, candles and lotions made by Verdura Botanica, or designing and crafting luxury bags by Metáforros, Rafael Adón's concepts and designs will complement your everyday life.


Explore with us as you envision new possibilities. Let us design something altogether beautiful for you as you enact timeless ways of being and moving in the world.



Our Collections

Collecting inspires us to connect with the world around us—be they found objects on the seashore, botanicals from a hike along the Gaviota Coast, or scent accords crafted in Grasse, France. Rafael Adón's collections, Metáforros and Verdura Botanica, invite you to the world of made-to-measure luxury bags to accompany your everyday journeys and to the delectable alchemy of skincare treasures that nurture the skin you're in.  Each logo above will link you to their respective sites.


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