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Maker and Purveyor of Elements for Living


Rafael Adón is a true story about the human impulse to create. Our provenance emerges in our ancestors' histories of making begun long ago. Our grand and great-grand parents taught us the noble work of handcrafting made-to-measure garments and goods; the honest practice of ethnobotany for fragrance and well-being; and, the dignified art of horticultural botanical curations. Those truths our ancestors lived we passionately continue today in Rafael Adón's Elements for Living.

We Make


The Noble Work of Made-to-Measure Leather Goods

There's only one you. So how does your bag measure up to that? At Rafael Adón, your new bag starts with your story. And then begins with your stitch. We create for you artifacts that are as unique as you are, only the very best carriers to engage in the daily rituals of moving from here to there.


There's only one you, so shouldn't your bag measure up to that? At Rafael Adón it starts with your story and begins with our stitch. 

Story & Stitch is our human-centered methodology at the heart of our bespoke services. It is part story-telling methodology and part art and design. Story & Stitch guides us to uncover your lifestyle characteristics and the qualities you desire in a handbag and then build it. We then design and build a luxury bag that's made-to-measure just for you.


Rafael Adón is a design house located in Santa Barbara, California specializing in made-to-measure luxury leather bags and accessories.


Our roots run deep as our origins can be traced to the late 1800's in the lives of our maternal great grandmother and grandmother, Doñas Enriqueta Reyna de Delgado and Enrriqueta Delgado de Bernal, both curanderas and mystical women who healed with their knowledge of plants.  Their story and spirit inspired the founding of Verdura Botanica in 1999 on Rancho La Paloma in Santa Barbara, an 800 acre avocado ranch.  We were driven then by a passion to share with the world the wonderment of cultivated and indigenous botanicals in the form of handcrafted soaps—like we are driven now to provide you with the most pure botanical soaps, skin care and fragrance products.

Our love of native and cultivated flora are also present in the wonderment of our hand-made terrariums and Kokedama moss balls.


The routes our creativity has taken also involves our paternal grandmother Nicolasa Perez de Córdova who was a seamstress once making bespoke clothing for folks in the tiny dusty desert town of Blythe, CA on the banks of the Colorado River. Her no-nonsense perseverance made way for clothing beloved by her clients, and her tenacity is at the heart of Metáforros and our Story & Stitch Process of handcrafting heirloom quality luxury bags.


Making runs deep in our family history and we extend a hearty invitation to join la familia.



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