Formulario 70 | Incienso

November 26, 2017





Did you know that within the anthropological record of perfumery that there are 2 distinctive origin uses for aromatics for human use? The Western origins involves anointing the body, whether to cloak body odor or to prepare the dead for the afterlife, oils were applied directly to the skin. The Eastern, or Asian/Middle-Eastern, approaches involved releasing volatile oils into the open air via an incense to purify the surroundings. In fact that's where we get the word "perfume." Profumo is the Latin etymology of our modern word, with "pro" meaning through, and "fumo" is the word for smoke, thus "through smoke" is at the core of perfume.


We've pay homage to our ancestor's use of scent to purify spaces to create a sense of calm. One of our most recent creations is Incienso; aromatic pyres infused with our unique fragrance essential oils that make for an excellent addition to your therapeutic or aesthetic practices at home –or the homes of those you love!




Rafael Adón has chosen this special Project to manifest some or our new and classic fragrances:


Marinero – The familiar scent of sea travel; sweet, yet salty; slightly sulfury, yet green – let your memory draw back to the sandy dunes of the coast.


Petrichor – The very green smell that accompanies the rain after a period of dry weather; the scent of moist soil that accurately leads you to acknowledge this natural phenomenon.


Ambergris – One our classic scents at RA; already loved by so many -an animallic wax-lilke substance found in tropical seas and widely used in the perfume industry. This fragrance will enchant you.


Leather – A scent known to other RA products; it’s rich, earthy and slightly sweet -this fragrance is easy on your senses.


Black Olive – Another classic and known fragrance at RA; the luscious aroma that keeps captivating our customers -need we say more!


Our Incienso pyres are packaged in metal tins; to burn, simply flip over the top cover and safely burn your incense there.  This Collection makes for the perfect gift of mindfulness.


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