Doing Good

July 21, 2017

Oftentimes, visitors to our design studio and boutique at Saint Louis comment about the uniqueness of our products. They express their thoughts in response to the special atmosphere that we have created surrounded by luscious hand-crafted leather backpacks and beautifully designed bags; among the delicious scent of watercress, Spanish lavender, persimmon (to mention a few scents) of our in-house made lotions and soaps. With the royal scent of neroli or ambergris candles burning quietly in the background, welcoming all in a perfumed embrace.


One thing is for sure, there is a lot of pride for the authentic goodness behind our lines of products, and people who have come to know what we produce, recognize that. However, there is also something additionally special that is known about Rafael Adón—that is the goodness under which we operate; this can also be felt with our hand-made finished goods; people like being in our store attracted by pure relaxed goodness and vibes.


Last week one of our staff found a wallet on parking lot grounds.  We knew that someone could be desperately looking for their belongings and so we embarked in the search for the owner.  Three phone calls, 4 days later, we finally heard back from Wallet Guy.  

On the fifth day, the mysteryous owner came to Rafael Adón, by now the anticipation of returning the lost item, had grown.  And so it was this was that we came to meet someone who had been through some rough times; someone so grateful just to have encountered kind people willing to help, only for the sake of helping; someone we enjoyed meeting in person.


So why, has my writing gone so astray from our fine products? Well, that's because in this life and in the very places that we are right now, we have to do good; we have to think good things, profess goodness and from that emerges connections and possibilities for newness. Finding ourselves on the other side of Wallet Man, in our parallel world without seeming cares, then finding that artifact set us on a path that connected the two different generations and worlds. He had already gone through the struggle of acknowledgement of loss, acceptance and replacement of his items, whereas we were on the mission to connect him back with his artifacts. 


We cannot help but think that this little story is an anecdote to our Story & Stitch's raison d’être for two untold stories, his and ours, were brought together by that inanimate found wallet, allowing us to 'stitch' together a connection. That wallet was a potential portal to someone else's world, and the opening was activated by our reaching out. And he engaged the activation by answering the call.


And there you have it. That yearning to connect, both yours and ours, is stirring at the center of the soul of the design house of Rafael Adón.








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