Making Spherical Friends

July 16, 2017

Last week, we sent two of our friendly Kokedamas to their new home in Seattle, Washington.  Why the distance, you may wonder—that is because Rafael Adón is one of the few creative spaces where these very special plants are found.




The Japanese practice of Kokedama making is truly an art and science as not many succeed at creating them and fewer succeed in growing them. The disciplined process calls for striking the healthy balance between the right plant and the fertile ingredients that will provide all the essential nutritive context for the self-contained "moss ball" to take hold and thrive.









Our Kokedama plants are created with trees like Mission Figs, California Mission Olive; Fiddly Fig, Citrus and Pomegranate; and plants like Parlor Palms and Ferns—available in varying sizes from small to extra large.


They're raised with tender care and attention to learning all about their individual personalities; habits we pass on to their adopted parents. Each one is unique as the aesthetic proclivities of our clients. 




Kokedama Care. The proper care of your Kokedama includes watering regularly, at the rate of one time per week or each week and a half.  The weight of your plant creation will determine more accurately when water is needed.


 Caregiving Steps

  • Fill up to half way a gallon (or appropriate size) bucket with water and a small doses of plant food

  • Slowly submerge your Kokedama into the half-way filled bucket

  • The Kokedama will float a little until it begins to absorb water

  • Once stabilized in the water, take a watering container and fill up the bucket to cover the Kokedama

  • Because the Kokedama will be absorbing the water, the water line will drop; when this happens, top off the buck again; do this just a few times until the water level stays

  • Keep submerged for 30 minutes

  • After 30 minutes, take out of bucket and place in a sink to drain for another 30 minutes


Once drained you can return the Kokedama to your preferred location for it --that may be suspended in the air and/or on the surface of your choice.  The best plants for a Kokedama environment are those that require medium to full shade.


If you haven't already, stop by Rafael Adón to pick up your friendly Kokedama while they last! We also can make a bespoke Kokedama just for you. 



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